Cheaper isn’t always better

You may have seen in recent news a leading electrical company buying and installing faulty cable across Auckland sites.

The cable supplied was found to be significantly non-compliant, and at risk of breaking down and possibly causing electrical fires within a few years of installation. Worksafe and Master Electricians has requested that all installations of the cable be reported, as it needs to be removed and replaced.

This is an example of the cheapest price not always being the best. There are a number of electrical suppliers that import, supply and self-certify their own electrical supplies to reduce their cost and increase their chance of securing work. But as the example above shows, this can end up in massive cost (and health risk) for the individual that chooses these electricians for their projects.

In New Zealand, all electrical supplies need to receive a SDoc (Suppliers Declaration of conformity) to legally be installed. If it doesn’t, and it is installed, the installing electrician becomes fully liable for any damages, faults or harm caused by the uncertified fittings. And, Insurance will not cover any damage caused by these uncertified components. Your electrician should be able to supply you with compliance and building certificates that can be submitted to council for your project.

So, while that second quote may look cheaper, take a second look and try to think about the reason why.

Quality, certified fittings, supported by major electrical suppliers, look better, last much longer, operate more efficiently, and most importantly, are safer for you and your family and will be covered by insurance and warranties in the unlikely event that anything ever happened.

When choosing which electrician to work with, be supported by a local, trustworthy supplier that won’t disappear overnight.

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Cheaper isn’t always better