For your convenience we’ve listed some of the common electrical questions we receive from our clients.
Our qualified electricians have the answers to all of your electrical questions.

For your convenience, we’ve listed some common electrical questions we receive from our clients – from installation to lighting options.

If you don’t see what you want to know here, please feel free to type it into our quick response box on our contact us page and one of our skilled electricians will get straight back to you!

Q. Are you qualified electricians?

Yes, all our technicians are fully qualified and NZ registered electricians.
For more information we welcome you to browse our services page, our about us page or contact us directly.

Q. I live in Devonport, do you service this area?

Yes, we service the greater Auckland area. From the North Shore to Pukekohe, and from Beachlands to Whenuapai (sometimes even a little further!)

Q. Can you do a quote for me? Do you charge for quotes?

Sure, read through the following 3 categories to find how we can best determine the price your job!

Quotations: We are happy to provide a fixed price quotation to you free of charge, however if a job is likely to cost less than $500 it is often not cost effective to drive to site, inspect the job and then quote. If you are able to supply photos we can often accurately asses the job and give an estimate of the work involved.

Tip: We can quote work when we know the quantities, time and location. eg. ‘Next week, can you replace the two light fittings in my house at Devonport with pendant fittings?’ If we know exactly what work you want done, where and when then we can calculate the costs in a quotation.

Estimates: If there are variables in the job that we don’t know about, we can provide a free estimate as a starting point. eg. ‘We’re renovating our kitchen but don’t have the final layout yet. How much will it cost for the electrical work?’ An estimate would show the estimated costs as far as we can predict, but depending on the final location of your oven for instance, the final cost may vary.

Troubleshooting/Fault finding: Fault finding before the quotation or estimate can be constructed is not free. eg “The power to my garage has stopped working but all of the fuses are ok”. Since we don’t know what the problem is we must first have an electrician find the fault before we can give you a quotation. This can take anywhere between 1 and several hours depending on the site or the nature of the fault. Our standard labour charges apply in this case.

This can take anywhere between one and several hours depending on the site or the nature of the fault. Our standard labour charges apply in this case.

Q. Can you tell me if you find a problem that could cost more money to fix?

Yes, always! For example, if you call us to just replace a power point and we fault find a more major issue that could significantly increase the cost, we’ll contact you to confirm additional work before we proceed with any repairs.

Q. How quickly can you get here?

Normally we can book your job in for the same or the following day. If your job is of an urgent nature and requires an emergency call out we can usually assist however, additional quick response call out charges do apply.

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Q. Do you fix hot water cylinders? Or do I need a plumber?

Often if you’ve got no hot water it can be that a fuse has tripped due to a fault on the cylinder. We can test the circuit to find the fault and, more often than not, make the required repairs. The only time a plumber is required is if there is no ability to drain water from the tank or if the tank or valves are leaking. We regularly work with Master Plumbers and can organise for one to assist if it’s required.

Q. Can I supply my own electrical products/parts or light fittings?

Sure, we’re happy to install your light fittings or other products/parts providing they meet the current ASNZS electrical standards.

Tip: We can’t legally install and/or sign a compliance certificate for anything that is not up to ASNZS electrical safety standards. Check at the store before purchasing the appliances that they have a current NZ Electrical Conformity Declaration. This means it’s safe to install to New Zealand voltage and power supply! If you are unsure please feel free to contact us. We can normally buy electrical products at a discounted trade price saving you money! We can also offer our guarantee on anything we supply.

Q. Why are tradies so expensive? My friend can buy the parts and do it for cash!

Although your friend may be great at DIY, if something goes wrong you may be liable for any expenses.

This includes paying more for a qualified tradesman to fix the problem. If the cheap parts fail or the work your friend completed causes an electrical fault or a fire, there is a chance insurance will not cover you. And worse still if someone is injured as a result of non-compliant parts failing or incompetence by the installer you could be liable for costs, fined by department of Labor or even taken to court and face jail time.

Our employees are qualified and registered, sit regular refresher courses in health and safety requirements, electrical regulations and first aid courses and are constantly researching new technologies and procedures.

As a company, we have insurances to cover any mishaps and pride ourselves in paying our staff fair wages for the level of experience they have and for the effort they put in.

With all of these overheads taken into account, we still try to keep costs as efficient for you as possible.

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